CONCEPT: Liza Šimenc

INTERVENTION: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur

INSTALLATION: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur

DATE: SEP, 2018



Project Purification of integration was created in September 2018. I would describe this project as a ritual and symbolic gesture of healing my identity that I lost in April 2018  suffering from Psychos and Schizophrenia.

My time of recovery was consisting of creative practices and deep analysis of my life until this breaking point. I was wondering why did this happen, how could I prevent it before it happened. What can I do now to heal it and live a new / old life refreshed and wiser from the experience itself.

I searched for all diaries that I saved from years before and started to rewrite them on computer. I haven't finished doing this yet. But the process is amazing, seeing what I was going threw and am now reflecting and looking at it threw different eyes, trying to reinvent my identity.

The purification of integration was a big step towards my healing it was a break through. I had to make it. In the ritual me and Tatiana Kocmur were engaged, It made sense to do it together because she was with me at the time when I was suffering the most and at that time helped me so much i can not describe.

The creative healing practice consisted of:

- intervention purification of integration with Tatiana Kocmur

- rewriting diaries, sharing them with Jonas Žabkar who gave me weekly feed backs

- craniosacral therapy sessions with Katjuša Kovačič and writing about images appearing in sessions

- going to forest with Marta Ramovš and leading movement practices

- spending time at the river side with Tatjana Šimenc that felt and understood me in a deepest sense



More about Purification of integration on: http://tonitati.blogspot.com/2019/01/purification-of-integration.html