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CONCEPT: Liza Šimenc

INTERVENTION: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur

INSTALLATION: Liza Šimenc, Tatiana Kocmur

DATE:  2018 - 2020



Project Purification of integration was created in September 2018 and is ongoing work. Project is a ritual and symbolic gesture of reorganizing thoughts connected to identity into a meaningful whole. The project is consisting of numbers of outside interventions with Tatiana Kocmur each time at the riverside, where no audience is invited. The interventions are made by just 2 people and is intimate process of  self reflection.



There was a crucial event that was experienced in specific period of life and as a consequence artist fell into extreme state of consciousness. Body, thoughts, relation to time and space did not make a structured functional whole, sense of self was diminished. The intervention was the only thing that made sense to do for artist, to be in nature, reconnect with a friend, only to behave and experience nakedly the life that is still to come.


The time of recovery was consisting of creative practices and deep analysis of life until this point of performans.

Search for diaries that were saved from years before artist started to rewrite on computer. Is still ongoing process that was the start of reflection and interventions a continuation.


- Ritual on Sava, 2020, Bled, Sl

- Performative talk about residency, 2020, Celje, Sl

- Exhibition Always and Forever in CSU Celje, 2020, Celje, Sl

- Ritual on Savinja, 2020, Celje, Sl

- Ritual on Sava, 2019, Ljubljana, Sl

- Ritual on Sava, 2018, Ljubljana, Sl


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