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photo: Tomaž Tomažin

16.11.1991... 2:30am born in Kranj, Slovenija

1991 - 2006... 
...lived in Bled with parents Tatjana and Miloš Šimenc, 2 older sisters Laura and Lana Šimenc and grandparents Viktorija and Miro Šimenc age of 2 started attending International Ballet School Bled, being taught by Dana Renčelj
...started her primary education at OŠ Profesorja doktorja Josipa Plemlja
...studying piano in Music school Radovljica
...rehearsing rhythmic gymnastics during primary school
...being taught by Savina Wudler for the last year before auditioning to Ballet Conservatorium Ljubljana

2006 - 2010... 
...lived in Ljubjana in dormitory DIC
...attended Conservatorium for Music and Ballet Ljubljana taught by Damaas Mithras Thijs, Marinka Ribič, Tanja Pavlič
...went to study on summer dance schools to Jean M. Wong school of Ballet - Hong Kong, Victor Ulatte school of Ballet -Madrid, Impulstanz Vienna, Plesno Poletje Nova Gorica

2010 - 2015...  
...lived in Ljubljana in student homes and flats
...began studying social work, on University for social work Ljubljana
...danced in contemporary dance Company Kjara's Dance Project from Kjara Starič Wurst
...going to workshops abroad to Amsterdam, Brussels, New York City, London, Budapest
...teaching contemporary ballet and floor barre
...dancing in Milan for Kjara's dance project in collaboration with Ariston ProBallet

2015 - ...
...became self employed in culture at Ministry of Culture Slovenija
...studying Body Mind Centering method with Snježana Premuš, dancing for her performances and doing research as a part of somatic educationall process in Berlin Neukölln for 2 and a half years, assisting in Tanznacht festival to Colette Sadler and Juan Dominguez, attending Month of research at Ufferstudios Berlin, participating in Movement research classes from Sigal Zouk and Jan Burkhardt at Tanzfabrik, having a residency at Lake Studios Berlin, attending classes at Somatische akademie Berlin, performing at Teufelsberg Berlin, listening to Boyan Manchev lectures in HZT.
...cocreating performances Medusa in collaboration with movement artist Urša Rupnik and sound artists Blaž Pavlica and Tea Vidmar
...being a movement mentor to contemporary circus group Mismo Nismo, theatre group Theatro Šentjošt
...teaching contemporary ballet in studio XXV
...teaching workshops at studio Moj Korak, flamenco group Coraviento, dance school Krokar, Ursus dancers, festival Rdeče Zore
...artist and teacher in residency Soup, Blip collective, Ladensdorf Vienna
...creating a term body installation, opening creative flat Prmejduš, making tandem Kresnička and doing performances with artist Tatiana Kocmur
...colaborating in performative sound explorational events as author and cocreator, Rehumanizacija, Studio 8, Kako živijo ljudje at zavod abeceda. of performative interventions in public space, Red Carpet, Dress of Life
...making experimental movies with photo artist Nina Pernat
...cocreating performance with Barbara Pia Jenič for Senzorium theatre from performance "Healing" for Radio Student
...making costumography for Medusa, Druga Prihodnost, Red carpet, Dress of Life, Skrivnosti mladih levov, Oj Kozu Kozu
...teaching on festival Ana Desetnica, children workshop cocreating Zeleni Zaklad
...being involved in the process and cocreating performance Impossible actions on Cofestival, Ljubljana 2021 with Yasen Vasilev
...performing in movement,music touch explorative event Digital 1,5 from artist Jan Rozman of solos for Litererni Kabare at blackbox theatre
...cocreating performance Lla, lla, lla with Anja Mejač and Luka Uršič KALU
...making performance with butoh dancer Darinka Pilari

photo: Tomaž Tomažin

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