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Represents the coexistence of two bodies. Interweaves colorful objects into an abstract mass. Depicts a distorted image of imposed ideals. Addresses issues related to the social perception of the female body. Promotes the uniqueness of an individual’s appearance.
Reflects the sincere wearing of the beauty of an authentic body.

A performance as a living sculpture – that gradually disintegrates. Over-saturated costumes emphasize the body – surrounded by all social norms of ideal appearance – the objectification of the body codified as a source of pleasure – in the way of voyeurism, fetishism, idealization and identification.


- Performative research on Festival Spider, 2021, Ljubljana, Sl

- Performans in Cirkulacija 2, 2020
, Ljubljana, Sl

- Performans on Festival Spider, 2020, Ljubljana, Sl

- Razstava on Festivalu, 2019, Skopje, Mk

- Performans for Festival Račka, 2019, Celje, Sl

- Video for Indigo-Škržati, 2019, Ljubljana, Sl



- FKM Beograd 7. 2016


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